Welcome to S Jennings Ltd

sJennings Ltd is represented by several corporate brands that we are continually improving and developing for our customers. We are regularly increasing and improving the focus of our sites by offering new and improved customer service.

Jennings was established a long time ago by Septimus Jennings, who ran a small bike shop in Morpeth, Now Jennings is a multi Franchise dealer group and the largest independent Ford dealer group in the UK. With Retail car dealer, servicing, parts and full after sales facilities all across the North East of England.

We recognise that happy and satisfied employees give excellent customer service and we therefore aim to always put our staff first. We provide them with effective leadership, communicate honestly and positively, and consult on business decisions where we can.

The Jennings Ford Direct Supersite - Used Ford cars direct from Ford and discounted New Ford cars. One of only a few locations in the UK dedicated to Ford Direct, with thousands of cars to choose from, you are sure to find the car you are looking for at Jennings Ford, probably the largest independent Ford Dealer group in the UK.
Jennings Ford
If you stood all new and used ford cars that Jennings Ford have sold, end to end, they would stretch all the way back to 1917, when Jennings switched from repairing bicycles to being probably the largest independent UK Ford Dealer group in the country.
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Jennings Mazda
Mazda cars New and Used - from Jennings UK Mazda Dealer group. 'Un-beatable' customer focused Car buying experience is at the heart of the Jennings brand and that's what has kept our customers coming back year after year car after car.
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Jennings SEAT
SEAT is one of the most exciting brands in the motor trade today, with a Rally heritage and an increasingly popular cars, it has huge potential for growth, it duly compliments or other dealers. From our base in Middlesbrough we intend to make Jennings and SEAT become another popular north east vehicle.
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Jennings 4x4 Centre
As a dedicated 4x4 centre, Jennings provide the New Ford Ranger and a huge choice of brands of used 4x4 cars and trucks, including Nissan, Mazda, Land Rover, Range Rover, Subaru, Isuzu and of course Ford. Catering for the business man after a work horse for his business like the Ford Ranger and also the man of the street wanting a bit of 4x4 luxury like a Range Rover Sport, at the Jennings 4x4 Centre you can find the right 4x4 for you!
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Genuine Ford Parts
Ford Parts and Accessories, we will shortly be launching a new site dedicated to the sale of Ford Parts and accessories. In addition to our online mechanics available on our Ford site we will of course be providing support and help for all our customer needs for both Trade and Retail online parts sales.
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Ford Vans UK
Our Ford Ranger and Ford Transit Site has dominated the internet from day one, the site is unique in that it is dedicated to Ford Vans and commercial vehicles, with a massive range of new and used ford vans from our dealers near Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough we are able to distribute our vans nationwide to a new portfolio of customers.
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Jennings Kia

Jennings have opened a new KIA dealership in Washington, Kia is now an exciting brand with rapidly increasing market share due to the high quality of vehicles they are offering at a remarkably low and very competitive prices. Vist out new Kia website for more information.

Jennings Kia

Used Cars North East

Jennings have been supplying the Used Cars to the North East since 1917.

Car Dealers

It has taken many years and several customer service awards, now Jennings have established themselves as premier North East Car Dealers and boast about our reputation for Exceptional customer satisfaction and customer service.